Digi Hub House always keeps its client’s privacy as its priority. We always make sure that no information regarding our clients is leaked; we keep your entire information safe with us. If you want to know more about our business and our team then without any hesitation feel free to contact us anytime or even you can visit our website that is Digihubhouse.com. By visiting our website you will get to know about our work more and also it will help you in building trust over us. All your brand-related information is only going to be used for your work, once we will be done with your work we believe in discarding our entire client’s private information. Also, we always believe in employing trustworthy people. Our privacy policies at Digi Hub House might keep on changing on regular basis but we never hide anything from our clients. All our information is directly shared with our valuable clients on our website. Try visiting our site regularly to stay updated with all new changes that keep on taking place in our policies.

Information That We Collect

Digi hub House generally takes only following information:

  • Your name as well as your brand’s name.
  • Contact Details of you and your business such as contact numbers and Email IDs.
  • Basic demo graphical Information such as your Postcode, city and preferences.
  • Public profiles
  • Other basic information that is required to conduct surveys in public for your brand or business.

Why do we need your information:

We require some of the basic information regarding your brand and you for the following purposes:

  • For the maintenance of internal records.
  • To enhance and improve the quality of our services to you.
  • To make you aware of our latest offers and deals. We can only share such information with you if we have your contact details.
  • For website customization purposes. If we don’t know anything then surveys are not at all possible for your business.

Security Process

We always assure our client’s information confidentiality or security. No information shared by them goes anywhere; we keep it safe with us. Our team uses all physical and electronic methods to keep your information safe with us.

How We At Digi Hub House Use Cookies?

Cookies are nothing else than small files that want information from you and that information is saved on your hard disk only. Once you click on the accept cookies option then these files are saved. The purpose of cookies is to analyze the traffic of the website and update you when you go to a particular website. If cookies are used you can respond quickly and modifications can also be made easily.   These small cookies also help sites in knowing about the preferences of their audience.

Digi Hub House only uses traffic logs cookies, the purpose of these cookies is to find about the particular pages that are being used by you. This cookie usage helps us in the calculation of the data related to any kind of website and then modifications can be made in your business strategy accordingly. We keep regular analytic surveys of each and everything on your website. Once we receive our analytics we remove all your private information from our company’s systems. If you don’t know much about cookies then you can consider them as a monitoring device for a business.

Use Of Other Websites’ Links

Our website can show you other links that might be related to other business websites. The purpose of adding other links is just for gaining interest. When you visit the sites shown on your website there if you mention any of your business or your personal information, we are not responsible for that. Please always keep this thing in mind that we don’t share our privacy policies with any other site so be careful while using them always. Before visiting them or entering any personal information of yours always visit their privacy policy to get clarity.

Controlling Your Details

If you wish to restrict the use of your private information then it can be done in the following ways.

  • Always when a website asks you about any of your personal information then you can look out for a small space or box that can be used to restrict your information from direct marketing purposes.
  • Also you can always write to us on our mentioned email address and our contact numbers when you want to keep your data private, also we are always open to suggestions from you people.
  • Details only reach the third party of any client when you on your own give the permission, so always please try to read each and everything properly in a privacy policy.
  • We hold all our client’s information safe by following the “Data protection act 1998”. So don’t worry about your information when it is with us.

Our Contact details

  • Company Name: Digi Hub House
  • Address: RZA 78A Pul Pehladpur New Delhi, 110044
  • Call: +91 97182 20554
  • E-mail: [email protected]

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